There is a constant need for English teachers in China, which has many wonderful earnings and benefits. Still, suppose you have teaching jobs in China for non-native speakers? Is it possible The Ukrainian guy you take to WeChat is at least doing well?

As a non-native English speaker, how can you overcome this seemingly overwhelming challenge? The truth is, it’s not that difficult. JEC offers the best opportunities to teaching jobs in China for non-native speakers.

Able to Speak English

First of all, how is your English? Are you able to differentiate between “you” as well as “you”? Can you say “hello” with dignity by lowering the shepherd’s hat? Are you able to describe the “turtle”? Have you decided that you are not a Nikolaj from Murmansk, but Nick Manhattan? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have the potential to become an English instructor in China.

Work as English Expert

Besides laughing, if you are very good at English, you can work as an English expert in China. (And yes, it was a necessary mistake. If you leave it at that, you’ll want to reassess that you’ve made a career decision).

JEC Offer

There is a somewhat stereotype that English teaching centers JEC in China prefer the shade of their international teachers’ skin, ie more white. This is not entirely true. If your English is not ideal but you have a decent layer of skin, you may still find it difficult to get a good teaching job in China. If you’re Nick from Manhattan, but with darker skin, if you show these recruits what kind of support you are, you’re bound for something great.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it to use in Tongzhou for 12000 RMB-monthly kindergarten placement. No, and you know it, the broker knows it, and so does daycare.

The situation may be different if you are looking for an advanced training center, as their quality will certainly be higher. It’s still achievable, as long as your English is really good.

Generally, if you are from a non-English speaking country and work in China as an English instructor, do not keep your nationality upon return.


The story is that local speakers will get more than non-native speakers. This is not a constant situation, but it is primarily a matter of concern whether the instruction center is professional enough to interpret your credentials as the opposite of your ticket.

If you have an undergraduate level or higher, instructional knowledge, a TESOL / TEFL, JEC, or even CELTA certification as well as a specific tower that gets bigger, you can be sure that your salary, more than incompetent, even if you have a banner of Angela Merkel on the wall structure of your room. If not here’s a new product just for you.

Work as English Instructor

Yes, you can work as an English instructor in China if you are not a local audio speaker. Just remember, even though you watch the part, don’t expect to get too much with defective or crappy English. Work with your English, be upright, become proficient and you will inevitably find yourself climbing the ladder.