What is the English teacher salary in China?

Teaching English in China is a great opportunity and a dream job. To find the right job for you, here’s a step-by-step guide from teacher salary in china. JEC to average salaries and benefits based on your degree, and the type of school you’re applying to. As our world gets smaller and smaller, the value of English is increasing day by day. To increase social and economic power, the Chinese government encouraged its citizens to learn English. As a result, English language teachers are in great demand in China. And there are many English language teaching jobs across the country. If you plan to teach English abroad, China is a great option. JEC Offering English teaching jobs in China to native and non-native countries all over the world.

The Most demanding teaching jobs in China:

Teaching English in China may not be as profitable as your income at home. However, your tuition fees can be quite high due to the relatively low cost of living in China. JEC is looking for the best English teachers across the world and it’s a great opportunity for overseers too. If you are willing to apply as an English teacher it’s a great and good thing is that JEC provides complete traveling and visa solutions to the selected teachers. So that, they can reach their destination to join their jobs comfortably.

“Teachers Needs Schools, School Needs Teachers”

The competition between schools to attract teachers is coming to an end. The rights to teach English in China are simple and often have various benefits to attract international teachers. There are different schools and institutes in china that can pay handsome English teacher salary in china. However, most of them offer free airfare, accommodation, and paid holidays. JEC Official is one of those best opportunities to start your career as an English Teacher in China. JEC through its very professional staff always searching for perfect and eligible teachers around the globe.


“Dream job” How much is the English teacher salary in china?

China is a great place to study, earn money (and possibly save), live the good life, and immerse yourself in an untold culture.

The excepted English teacher salary in china for public and private institutions is between 10,000 CNY and 15,000 CNY (1,400 – 2,200 USD). Many private institutions and international schools pay monthly English teacher salaries in china about 20,000 yuan ($2,800) and up to 30,000 yuan ($4,300). Tutoring usually costs around 150 yuan ($22) per hour and depending on your skills and experience, you can earn more this way.


Tips to save while teaching in China:

Get a TEFL Certificate

Getting training and getting a TEFL certification prepares you for more jobs, especially better-paying jobs.

There is a shortage of qualified English language teachers in China, especially for those who speak English as a mother tongue with a university degree and a TEFL certificate. Your first job offer will not be just a job offer.

Choose the right job – be patient and make your choice.

Start Your Career as English Teacher in China with JEC:

Unlike anywhere else in the challenging economy where job seekers give everything they are offered. Those who are qualified to teach English in China will have selective and patient jobs and will explore your options. I can really take advantage of that. JEC has more than 7,000 kindergartens, training schools, universities, middle schools, and colleges.

The latest updates on English teacher salary in china:

The demand has exceeded the number of English language teachers in the Chinese market.

It is estimated that there is a demand for 100,000 English language teachers in China, and this number is expected to increase in the next few years.

The use of English is important because English lessons are compulsory in Chinese primary schools from the third to fourth year, the six years of middle school, and the first two years of university.

Public schools cost less than private schools, almost everywhere in the world. Terms and prizes are always better in international and private schools. Thus, the JEC is the best option for everyone to start a new dream life as an English teacher in China.