According to the Chinese Govt. rule, only those foreign students are allowed to take part-time jobs and internships from outside the campus, have an internship visa in China. So, you will need to obtain an internship visa for a part-time job in China. The visa has to be sponsored by an authorized educational institution. However, in China, there are many opportunities for foreigners to earn extra money. How do I start working in China?  You are not allowed to work in companies other than approved by your visa. You are allowed to receive a salary when you have an internship visa.

How to Apply for an Internship Visa

After receiving the internship, you can begin processing your internship visa application.

Step 1: Contact the university you are studying at, they will give you the form and instructions. Every university and city has a slightly different approach. It’s usually very easy to fill.

Step 2: Complete the internship visa application form. You will need the company on which you will do your internship at your university to sign, stamp, and issue their business license.

Step 3: Once you have completed your visa documents and have been approved by your university, submit them to your city’s Public Security Bureau.

Step 4: Pay the application fee. About 400 RMB.

Step 5: Get your internship visa after 5 to 7 working days. The visa will replace by a new internship visa.

Here are some non-dusty activities which you can handle as part-time job in China:


You can act as a model. Chinese appreciate the European appearance And if you are fair, employers will fight for you. The Chinese can easily come to Europe and give them business cards. All you need to do is call and the job is yours. Easy to earn money, there is a job for you in China. Average pay – $150 per shoot. However, you should not rely too much on this task: Maybe 15 invitations per month, or maybe just one.


Do you play musical instruments well or sing, do you have a rock band? Creativity is of high value in China. You can play the cover or your music in bars. Per month average salary is $ 1,500. And some producers can see you, and then you guaranteed a good payment.


Do you know how to teach the English language? Great! The Chinese don’t care if you know Chinese or not, if you don’t know it, it’s even better. Chinese children will learn the English language. $1,000 or more is the average income. JEC offers English teaching jobs

Film Acting

Foreigners usually treated as extras. The most popular character for foreigners is, play the role of the foreigner in a film. You will play-act of medieval colonies, American soldiers or Indians Soldiers. On the set, you’ll have to run after Chinese women with weapons, swing squares, and do a lot of other funny things. The average pay for a 6-hour shoot is $150.


Do you paint or create other art? The Chinese love modern art. You have to present it with quality. Open your gallery if you have the initial capital. The important thing is to tell the Chinese why it is good, and then you can sell your work profitably for yourself.