English has become the international language of the world. And it has played an increasingly important role in China’s economic and social development. Emerging economies such as China, playing a growing role in the world. The English language is important. Good English proficiency opens the door to more opportunities and strengthens. China’s overall international competitiveness, so there is the best opportunity for English learners in China.

China and its people understand the English language to be globally competitive as well as important at the personal level.

English Language in China

Education of the English language in China has come a long way in the last 4 decades. 1978 was a historic year for the field. As it was made test subjects in the entrance examination of the National College of China. Since then, language has become very important.

In the late 1980s, the College introduced English Tests of Band 4 and Band 6. While in the 1990s a large number of Chinese students took the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The International English Language Testing System (IELL). TS) was coming to take the test. Also the English Language Test (TOEFL).

During the 2000s, the private language education brand New Oriental became an industry giant. Pointing to the growing popularity of English and the large-scale market for English language education in China.

China is the world’s largest English-language market, said Xu Yamin, a former staff member at the Chinese Foreign Ministry. And founder editor of China’s English-language newspaper China Daily who has been teaching English since retirement.

Youth is Beginning.

English is a compulsory subject in China’s national curriculum. Many Chinese students start learning English at an early age, some even in kindergarten. Typically, they get their first English lessons in third grade in primary school.

It is estimated that about 400 million Chinese are learning English, more than the entire population of the United States. In 2018, the number of TOEFL test takers reached 300,000, ranking first in the world. According to an article by China.org.cn on December 28, 2019.

JEC also offers English courses to learn English in China.

Although adults in English learners find it difficult to see clear progress in a short period. And often get too tired to learn English after work. Children do not have these problems. In addition, parents are willing to invest heavily in their children’s language education and monitor them along the way. Chinese parents are willing to pay twice. As much as an experienced Chinese teacher to teach their children a foreign face.

Problems for English Learners

Although English language education in China has made great strides. And a large number of Chinese people’s English skills have greatly improved over the past decades. The English language education industry in China still faces some challenges.

For example, as the market grows and the number of local-speaking English tutors grows. It becomes increasingly difficult to monitor their quality. Tutors vary in their skills and experience. Good and bad come together. There is a lack of standard qualifications or requirements for English tutors.