Marketing jobs in China are an associative specialty based on economics, management, and advanced information technology. Discover how to meet market requirements to meet customer demands in China. Find ways to work, and develop business models and other market rules. Also cultivate the human spirit, scientific literacy, and integrity standards to meet the demands of advanced market economy. Collect essential theoretical methods of management, economics and marketing, professional marketing skills. Develop modern thinking and has a business personality. Application and interdisciplinary professionals have the ability to make extensive use of relevant knowledge to find, investigate and resolve possible marketing problems.

Training Goals For Marketing jobs in China:

Marketing jobs in china and compound senior experts with basic theoretical knowledge and professional marketing skills in management, economics, and marketing such as market analysis, marketing strategy, sales management, information technology companies and organizations can be engaged in the management work and marketing business.

To cultivate top-quality talents who have the theoretical knowledge of advanced management and the theoretical foundations of advanced business specializes in the operational capability of modern marketing, and can participate in marketing and business management in companies and organizations.

Socialist Core Values:

We must develop and practice socialist core values, have a judgment of social responsibility, have social awareness and modern spirit. Adopt the requirements of national economic construction, human spirit, and scientific knowledge. You must have master modern ideas and methods, management, international perspective, local sense, awareness of innovation, team spirit and good communication skills, and being able to work in companies, institutions, management departments, etc. Build committed, comprehensive and innovative capabilities for economic management.

Development Chances:

Marketing jobs in China is a practical type of economics, management, and business. With the continuous improvement of the market economy, businesses and corporations, as self-supporting financial institutions, cannot survive in the fierce contest if they do business with scientific and current marketing means without expert marketing talent. Marketing people are a vital skill for many companies, especially vast companies. However, due to the lack of training volume, there is a shortage of graduates, especially for foreigners.

Marketing  jobs in China: Employment Direction & Demand

You can participate in the market investigation, Marketing strategy, market progress, marketing management, advertising strategy, marketing services, teaching, and analysis work. Marketing is a necessary skill for various businesses.

According to the related statistics of our country, since the mid-1990s to now. Moreover, 2100 talent exchanges have taken place with or without the cooperation of Chinese companies. In any talent exchange meeting, the marketing staff is the most famous and the least amount. With frequently fierce competition in the market, this trend will become stronger and more intense in the future.


There are several jobs opportunities for freshers in china. As a marketing person, you can get a job like a salesperson, sales assistant, marketing strategy, sales planning, advertising planning. The promotional standards for these jobs are business manager, faculty manager, business manager, sales manager, meanwhile, promotion usually takes between 1 to 3 years. If you are a graduate of work-related injury management, it is recommended to look for some management-related businesses or jobs. Moreover, there are several positions to choose from: insurance marketing for administration, the financial industry usually finance client consultant, bank credit card broker.

Promotion Policy:

The promotion time is normal, but pay comes quickly, full-time marketer is a very strong salesperson who runs outside 24 hours a day. This job is very tiring, but you can gain a lot of experience. Well, the salary is not pretty high, once promoted, you will be a senior manager of the company. And once the business is stable, there won’t be too many job-related to it. It’s better to stay in the marketing department, and the particular job depends on what job you prefer.