Teaching Jobs in China

If you want to become an English teacher in China, enjoy the Chinese culture and learn Chinese. There is a perfect opportunity to teach in China. JEC offers teaching jobs in China to overseas teachers. Your salary as a teacher will be enough to live a comfortable life in China, to save money for trips to China and other countries in Asia. There are very rare cases now of people traveling abroad to live and teach in the world. As China opens itself to the world. There is a perfect time to avail of this offer of teaching jobs in China.
JEC has more than 7000 children, primary schools, middle schools, training schools, and universities. JEC offers 20,000 to 30,000 teaching jobs in China in a year. It allocates these teachers to each school every year.

Recruitment of Foreign Teachers In china

JEC uses a different and unique method of recruitment of overseas teachers. Mostly. China needs local and non-local English teachers for different schools. Teachers can speak English with perfect tone and pronunciation. The professional staff of JEC is always in search of a perfect and qualified teacher who can speak English very frequently around the world.
The perfect staff at the JEC Lahore branch conduct an initial interview of eligible teachers and perfect teachers will be sent to JEC headquarter in Beijing for a second interview. If he/she passes this interview then he/she is referred to school or any teaching institute.

China’s well-known schools, training schools, and universities are in Beijing. These offer the best salary packages and a bundle of benefits to English-speaking teachers. They enjoy a high living standard at a low cost. The fact that overseas teachers enjoy a rich standing in Chinese society.

JEC always prioritizes maintaining transparency that is why if JEC offers teaching jobs in China. JEC signs a written contract with the selected teacher. The selected teacher feels secure by signing a contract. JEC provides a complete solution for traveling and visas to selected teachers. So they reach comfortably at their destination and join their jobs within the shortest possible time. It’s a good practice to prove that we are in a good position

Teaching Jobs in China

JEC is offering English teaching jobs in China all over the world. We are connected to many schools and try to give the best opportunities to schools and teachers.

Expands your Dreams

If you have decided to move forward in applying for JEC English teaching jobs in China. You have taken a good step forward in making the decision to expand your horizons and challenge yourself. Your travels will lead you to discover many people who share your passion for exploration, travel, and broadening your horizons.
While you are teaching in China you will find yourself making lasting connections with locals and others overseas from around the world with fellow westerners as your co-workers. Chinese people try to make teachers feel comfortable in their new surroundings. You will also have many fellows as your co-teachers.