How Fresh Graduates can get Jobs in China | Complete Guide – 2021

As China is rapidly becoming a leading developed country and the largest economy in the world. So that, there is interest in jobs, interesting work experience, attractive salaries, and better living conditions for foreigners. If you walk the streets of any city in China with a random stranger, there is a high chance of his mentor.

“Of course, there are thousands of job opportunities for freshers in China in 2021”. You can try to work piecemeal or piecework in China but be prepared for some problems.

The first problem with visa issues is that if you are not in China yet and need a business visa. It will be difficult to obtain a visa if you do not have an employer in China who can do it for you. Anyways, one way to solve this problem is to first go to China as a student or do something that can arrange your documents. However, by doing this you can try to change your visa status while you are in China.

Fresh Graduates job opportunities in China:

Teaching Job opportunities for freshers in China

Teaching is obviously the most desirable career choice for many foreigners. It inspires to go thousands of foreigners to China every year.  Basically, the industry is still the undisputed winner in choosing a foreign job after being under-discussed in recent years. Actually, this happened due to an increase in illegal/incompetent teachers. There is a well know organization named JEC, which has thousands of  Job opportunities for freshers in China. JEC Offering English teaching jobs in China to native and non-native countries all over the world. JEC provides complete traveling and visa solutions to the selected teachers. So that, they can reach their destination to join their jobs comfortably.

Top 5 demanding Job opportunities for freshers in China

1-English Teaching Job opportunities for freshers in China

English teaching jobs are available in an increasing number of high schools, universities, and also in private language schools in China. Usually, it is announced via email and phone calls, directly to the school, or sometimes through the employment agency. Some agencies connect teachers with Chinese schools, provide pre-departure training, and charge only for these services. JEC has more than 7,000 kindergartens, training schools, universities, middle schools, and primary schools. JEC Allocates 20,000 to 30,000 foreign teachers to each school every year.  The whole staff of JEC is experienced and professionals. On the other hand, other organizations only offer low-paying or volunteer jobs and incur high costs for insurance, training, and ongoing support.

2 – IT/Technology job opportunities for Fresh Graduates

The IT sector is perhaps the fastest growing industry in the world, and this is most evident in China, where technology has become an essential part of everyday life.

In China, everything from paying, buying, ordering food, and buying airline and train tickets can and should be done via the latest technology. The nation as a whole is well aware of the technology. With this in mind, the highly competitive IT industry is always on the lookout for new talent. Especially, from abroad, as these workers integrate technology development in China with the rest of the world.  That’s how they can help facilitate a global presence.

3. Marketing | Jobs in Marketing in China.

No industry in the world can survive without proper marketing efforts and this is good news for foreign job seekers in China. Despite the endless number of startups and new companies in China, there is a huge demand for foreign talents. They need fresh graduates with passionate souls and expertise in marketing-related fields. For example, brand strategy, design, and advertising.

4. Engineering | Why Engineering is so important?

Normally, there is no shortage of local talent in China. In fact, the number of students entering engineering and technology disciplines is very high. It is understood that experience is important for such special fields. Thus, foreign professionals are very valuable in their abilities to manage such jobs. And this can provide Job opportunities for freshers in China as well.

5. Hotels and tourism – The rising talent

There are thousands of Chinese five-star hotels that have foreign staff. Also, some shops, hotels, and guesthouses are run by foreigners.

Domestic tourism in China has grown at an incredible rate in recent years, and there is no sign of a decline. It attracts travelers from everywhere on the planet to visit China and sees its a stunning beauty. The historical places and unique culture attract visitors. That’s why it’s a golden opportunity for fresh graduates to take steps in hotel management and tourism. It can open the gate of Job opportunities for freshers in China. The development of this amazing great city is un speech able. Millions of Tourists visit China yearly and it’s a good decision to start up in hoteling and tourism.

How to Start study and an Internship in china | latest guideline 2021

Looking to work through an internship in China?

Many people who go to China to study work as interns in a foreign company or government institution. Internships in China are often unpaid, anyhow it can often lead to a good job offer. This job is normally in the company or organization. Otherwise, where you did your internship or in other foreign companies that usually hire such people. Work experience in China is much different than in other countries like the USA and Canada.