China Visa Consultancy Services is one of the best services provided to our valued clients. The JEC has always preferred to maintain good relations with all relevant Chinese government offices. So, that a variety of visas can be issued on a fast track.

Hence, Specializing in business visas and student visas is one of the highest quality services in JEC consulting services. Consumers just need to think and JEC will prepare their visas. Since these Services itself is a very sensitive and responsible job. We have a very professional staff in the consultancy department. And we spare no effort to make things possible.

However, it Headquartered is in Beijing. JEC is always in touch with customers in China to provide them with technical and specialized support. We support them to join their universities, as well as to enable businessmen to meet their partners, vendors, and suppliers in China. Be done The clients are always very comfortable with the services and this is a big goal of JEC.

JEC Consultancy Services

JEC offers the following visa consultancy services.

  • Student Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Tourist Visa

Student Visa

With the rapid increase in international studies, various students are looking for higher education abroad and are thinking of studying abroad.

There are a variety of study opportunities in China that enhance your academic ability as well as a degree that will give you a winning career and quality of life. Students work hard in their studies to get admission to the country that is famous for its universities and colleges. They strive to study in the best colleges in the world, studying abroad is not so easy because one has to get a visa to study in this individual nation.

However, Our Consultant Study Visa Services are good and help the client with China visa procedures and documentation. Our advisors provide all the information related to completely different conditions for student visas.

Moreover, Feel free to contact us for more information about different universities, entry criteria, admission, scholarships, and visa process contact us.

Work Visa

Our consultancy services offer work visa application services to companies hiring foreign employees in China. The company’s immigration experts will work with the client company and employees to fully understand their visa processing needs.

The first step provides detailed navigation through all the necessary documents required for the application. Upon completion, the facilitates visa submission to appropriate government officials and oversees the process.

Business Visa

We offer the best services to guide you and help you succeed in your business visa application. Our years of experience and trained and professional consultants are known to be highly informative consultants. Hence,  They have a track record of successful cases. For all cases, our processing team takes a detailed look at the applicant’s profile. And reviews your profession, personal assets, age, education, work experience, and other requirements to respond appropriately.

Tourist Visa

There are two types of visitor or tourist visas: Visa L and Visa G. These China visas are for individuals who apply without the assistance of a business, government, or educational institution. Most Chinese visitors will only need a visitor’s visa. It will allow them to travel freely as a tourist in many parts of China. However, If the individual is going to join an organized group. The individual will obtain a Group L visa instead of an individual visa.