Beijing has become a masterpiece of Chinese modernism. It offering visitors a taste of the country’s urban essence like no other can. Jobs for English teachers in China are abundant throughout the country.

Hence, Full of culture and history. Beijing is one of the few Chinese cities that has preserved many of its cultural monuments. The Summer Palace, the Great Wall, and the ancient Qianmen area. The Forbidden City is all culturally intact and provides an interesting glimpse into the past of this rapidly modernizing country.

JEC, Beijing China

Here, JEC in Beijing is conveniently located in Office No. 2805, Floor 28, Beijing ONE, district Tongzhou, Beijing China. Our JEC team provides you with the best English teacher in China. These teachers give you the suitable and best learning environment.

JEC, Lahore Pakistan

How to find English Teachers in China

JEC Lahore

Here, JEC is located in Lahore. Address # 419 4th Floor AL Hafeez Shopping Mall Main Boulevard Gulberg III Lahore. And  If you want to become an English teacher in China then visit our office. Moreover, Your first interview will be conducted here then you are recommended to the Beijing office.

JEC, Russia

Here, JEC in Lahore is conveniently located in Rostov- on- don Prospekt kosmonavtov 42, Flat no 17. Hire for those who become English teachers in China.

Requirements to teach English in China

In China, the needs of every school are different from foreign English teachers. Practically all schools require higher education. Currently, many schools ask for prior experience, but there are still a lot who do not.

If you do not have any prior experience, there are many schools that will provide you the opportunity to teach in any case if you just have a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language). Such confirmation can be obtained through a 40-hour course.

The most important requirement with all schools though is a college degree. Chinese schools take degrees very seriously and will pay you even more if you have a master’s or Ph.D.

Work Visa

One of the great benefits of working in China is that the JEC arranges visas for you. You will have to provide the required paperwork and stay at the top of the process with your recruiters.

But this is a much smaller hassle than getting a visa from another country on your own. In the past, some foreign tourists or students came on visas and found teaching jobs locally.

Learn English through JEC

JEC offers you to learn English. English is not the most widely spoken language in the world. But it is the official language of 53 countries. Therefore spoken by approximately 400 million people worldwide.

Speaking English is being able to communicate with English speakers. It is the second language in the world that is the most common. If you want to talk to someone from another country, only English is common for both.

Although learning English can be difficult and time-consuming. Also, JEC can see that learning English is also very valuable and profitable.

The English Language Center is a non-profit organization. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of English language education in our schools in Beijing.

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