As our global world gets smaller and smaller, the value of English is increasing, day by day. The Chinese government has motivated its citizens to learn English to increase their economic and social power. As a result, a huge demand for female English instructor jobs in China. And also many English teaching jobs are available nationwide. If you want to teach English abroad, China is the best option.

Competition between schools to attract teachers is good for you. Salaries for teaching English in China are comfortable and often add benefits to attract foreign teachers. Different institutes in China offer different types of compensation, but most offer free accommodation, airfare, and paid vacations. China is a great place to teach, earn and save some money, to have a good life.

Money Can You Make Teaching in China

Teaching English in China may not pay you the salary you would earn in your own country, but your teaching salary can go a long way due to the relatively low cost of living in China.

The average salary of private and public sector is between RMB 10,000-RMB 15,000 ($ 1,400- $ 2,200) per month. However, some international and private schools pay nearly to RMB 20,000 ($ 2,800) a month and a maximum of RMB 30,000 ($ 4,300) a month. Female English instructor usually charges RMB 150 ($ 22) per hour. And depending on your experience and skills, you can make a little more money on the side.

Public Schools

Public schools pay less than private schools, RMB 6,200-15,300 ($ 900- ، 2,200) per month. Don’t worry if it seems low: there are many benefits to completing your paycheck. Teachers in public schools work fewer hours than in private schools. And they also enjoy paid and longer vacations. Most schools offer free lunches, which is the best way to save money and taste Chinese food culture.

Private Academies

You can expect a higher salary of RMB 6,200-16,000 ($ 900- $ 2,300) per month in a private academy affiliated with a public academy. Different types of language academies have a wide range of salaries due to different needs. Salary varies depending on your personal teaching experience, certification, and your level and type of education.

If you want as many English teachers in China, to have limited teaching experience, working for a private company may be helpful. Private schools also provide additional assistance with visa applications and applications.

International Schools

International departments have the highest amount of salaries for teachers in China RMB 11,800-29,900 ($ 1,700- $ 4,300) monthly. When it comes to a job at an international school, higher salaries make the competition more difficult. Teachers in international schools typically work 40 hours a week and already have low benefits due to substantial pay.

JEC English Teacher

Teaching English in China is the best opportunity for JEC teachers to have a perfect life and gain valuable teaching experience abroad. Although the salary for teaching English abroad does not to be the best in China. Learning English in China will provide a unique experience and explore the depths of Chinese culture, society, and history.