There are many careers in China that make your future bright. There are some top careers from which if you select you to build a career in China.

For many foreigners, what makes China a desirable place to find employment is the world’s second-largest economy. It is predicted that it will top the list in a few years. What China has done for this rapid development is to attract foreigners? And focus on becoming a global player by harmonizing its capabilities with the Chinese workforce. No country has developed by ignoring the external market.

English Teaching

There is a huge demand for English teachers in China, but there are not enough teachers to meet this demand. That is why some schools have no choice but to hire illegal teachers. In China, about 400,000 English teachers are hired on the basis of eligibility.

Jobs for IT

China started exporting Chinese technology and being creative IT is very important to them. On the other hand, they want “smart cities” that incorporate technology into everyday life. Their demand for talented IT will be higher than now. Anyone who understands technology and is creative can have a great career in China.


Although Chinese people read English, only 10 of them can speak English. A good translator who can speak Chinese and English, German or Japanese can use his abilities. And enjoy a very high standard of living.

Sales Manager

Many manufacturing and trading companies want to grow internationally. They need foreigners who know the difference between outside markets and business cultures. An experienced sales manager can be one of the key players in these companies.

Foreign sales managers representing foreign companies can also be very valuable with the goal of growing in the Chinese market. Many companies need foreigners who can take care of their sales in the Chinese domestic market.


There are millions of new engineers graduating from Chinese universities every year, but many of them are not talented. So, a foreign engineer who can do things that locals don’t mean much to any company. Good computer and mechanical engineers can get better careers anywhere in the world.


There are many accountants in China, but many of them do not know much about financial problems in other countries. A foreign accountant who knows the details of accounting in different countries can get a very good job.

Top Manager

There are many foreign-owned multinational companies in China. Interestingly, most of them need foreigners for their top management positions. The good news for top managers is that they have more advantages than many other countries in the world. Anyone with experience in management can find the job of their dreams in China.


As we discuss the career above you build your career in China. As a foreigner who has experienced how much China has changed over the 90s. I can easily say that there are still many job opportunities for foreign professionals.

To become a foreign ex-pat in China. We need to know our talent and how we can help this fast-growing economy in the world. Once we do what we really can, finding a job in China will not be a difficult task.